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Linus had the right idea

blankets.jpg [1]

There is no better gift than a nice warm security blanket. But unlike our favorite Peanuts character, we need more than a blanket to get that warm, fuzzy feeling of security.  Now is the time to take a look at your processes to see where you might tighten up your procedures, review roles, or change passwords.

We’re fortunate to have our own Certified Fraud Examiner (aka Inspector Gadget), Sam Martin [2], on the job for us and our customers.  Sam recently shared his insights with attendees at the Wine Industry conference – these are some of the points he covered:

 NOTE: While conducting research for this article, I discovered an interesting cause called Project Linus [3]which provides warm blankets for children in need. It lets volunteers apply their craft for good. Talk about a warm and fuzzy feeling.