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Dave’s mad as heck about the lack of Clear Vision

Well, we heard Tuesday night that we will be sending more troops to Afghanistan.  We also heard that they may start coming home in 2011.  Good luck with that!  This rant is not about whether or not we should send more troops.  I’ll leave that question to our readers. 

The thing we need most from our leaders, whether in business or politics is Clear Vision.  What we often get instead is a muddled lack of clarity and indecision.  That’s what bothered me about Tuesday’s speech.  I heard no real vision or plan, maybe you did, but I did not.  What this country needs most right now is the same thing that business needs in times of difficulty.  Clear Vision.  I wanted President Obama to layout clearly why we should give our full support to fixing Afghanistan by fighting a civil war there and what the real dangers are to either staying or bringing our troops home. I’m not sure that any outside country has ever successfully fought a civil war within another country, ever.  Both sides of the civil war will end up hating the outside country no matter who wins.

It is vital, in business, especially in difficult times such as these, that leaders explain a clear strategy, with goals, that can be monitored and measured for success.  Explaining why a strategy has the best chance of success and the dangers of not doing it often becomes the real reason behind success.  Once your message is clear and decisive others will follow and success can be achieved.  The lack of Clear Vision, or the inability to communicate that vision, has doomed many fine enterprises.