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Unhappy report

Most of our blogs are pretty upbeat and a few may even be interesting.  This one is sad.

 I learned last night that Warren Warner Jr’s son, Warren Warner III passed away after a very tough battle with bacterial meningitis.   Warren Warner is a partner at another local CPA firm, Brown, Holder and Alfaro.  Our hearts go out to Warren, his family, and the whole team at his CPA firm.  Warren Warner III graduated from Justin- Siena with my daughter Kristen in 2008.  He was just 19 years old.  My daughter knew him well and when I heard the news I went through her yearbook to revisit what he had written to her.  He wrote that he hoped that our (Warren Warner Jr. and I) friendly competition in the accounting business would last forever.  I cried last night.

As both of our firms have been caught up in the rush to get as much finished by April15th as we can, I somehow have to keep working for our customers best interests, but I must be honest.  A calendar deadline just doesn’t seem quite as important to me today. 

Don’t forget to tell someone that you love them today.