Elk Island Catholic Schools Collective Agreement

1.7 This collective agreement benefits and binds the parties and their rights holders. The school department reserves all management rights, unless otherwise stated in this collective agreement. The school`s jurisdiction ensures that headteachers receive two (2) days of paid leave per school year at a time agreed between the principal and the superintendent or designated persons. If there is no agreement on the possibility of agreeing between the director and the superintendent, the settlement court pays the days of unused paid leave to the 1st and 200th of the annual salary and allowance until the end of June of each year. The first collective bargaining meeting will be used to define the negotiation process. As a first preference, school justice and the association are committed to conducting the negotiation process in an interest-based approach. 3. It is assumed that the duration (hours of work) of non-pedagogical operating days for OLMPS teachers for a four-day term of non-pedagogical business days in school justice schools, which fall under the “normal” calendar of the school court`s 1.3.1 school year, bargains collectively with the TEBA on behalf of all teachers in collective agreement units and teachers who can make the connection with The central conditions in each collective agreement; and 16.5.1 If the Appeals Commission fails to reach a unanimous decision or a decision, one of the parties may request the establishment of an arbitration commission in the following form within ten (10) days from the expiry date of the aforementioned period ( If such notification is not notified within the time limit, the complaint is deemed closed. The parties may, by mutual agreement, agree to postpone hearings from the arbitration proceeding.

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