Exclusive Agency Agreement Traduction

At present, no one knows how quickly the UK will start to deviate from EU legislation or what legislation introduced by the EU will be a priority for the change of the British government. In the end, there has never been a more important time to obtain specialized business advice on existing and planned agency and distribution agreements. Buyer agent agreements can also create an exclusive agency if a buyer agrees to use the representation of an individual broker to buy a home. As far as commercial contracts are concerned, an important question is whether existing agency contracts or distribution agreements will be affected by Brexit. Read our guide below. An exclusive agency agreement generally consists in the agent and the client agreeing that the client will not appoint other agents (i.e. the representative`s competitors) in the representative`s agreed territory and that the prime contractor does not actively seek to sell himself, although the client sometimes reserves the right to speak directly to designated companies. An exclusive agency agreement can also prevent an agent from entering into similar agency transactions with the client`s competitors. An agency agreement with exclusive rights is generally similar to an agreement with exclusive rights, except that the client can actively seek sales in the agent`s territory. However, the client agrees not to appoint other agents (and possibly distributors) in the representative`s territory. 1. anti-competitive agreements that distort, restrict or prevent competition, for example. B by: a distribution agreement is particularly useful when a prime contractor wants to sell its products in a market or territory in which it does not currently operate.

Agreements are generally vertical in nature, between two companies at different levels in the same supply chain. The main advantages of using distribution agreements are that an exclusive agency agreement gives a broker the exclusive right to list and sell a property for a period of time. The exclusive agency gives a broker the exclusive right to sell a particular property, although they may agree to pay part of their sales commission to a broker who procures a buyer. A distributor sells the goods or services of the prime contractor. The sales contract is between the final customer and the distributor and does not concern the client who manufactured the property or created the service.

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