Uaw Agreement 2019

In the 2019 contract, GM committed to invest $5.7 billion in five plants and $2 billion in the rehabilitation of U.S. plants during the four-year contract. The $7.7 billion commitment is equivalent to 9,000 new and maintained jobs. Among those investments is the Detroit-Hamtramck plant, which has removed GM from the slow motion list and now wants to use it for the construction of brand new electric trucks and pickup trucks. The agreement with G.M., even if the agreements with Ford and Fiat follow Chrysler, will not end the charge for U.S. President Gary Jones and some of his top lieutenants. Over the past four years, a federal judicial police force has brought corruption charges against several union officials, including a union vice-president sentenced to 15 months in prison. The proposed contract for 2019 would provide a 3% increase in base wages in the second and fourth years of the contract and pay 4% flat-rate premiums in the first and third years, essentially reversing the order. In 2015, the contracts expired on 14 September 2015 and negotiations concluded without a strike. FCA was the company`s leader this year, but UAW-FCA members rejected the first preliminary agreement. On 22 October 2015, UAW-FCA members approved the second provisional agreement with 77% of the vote. UAW-GM members ratified their interim agreement on 6 November 2015 with 55 per cent of the vote, and UAW-Ford members ratified the final interim agreement with 51 per cent of the vote on 20 November 2015.

UAW 2019 negotiators face many difficult issues and contract negotiations could take some time this year. The critical issues that negotiators will address in a future feature story will address, and CAR will hold a briefing on the importance of the three UAW-Detroit 2019 agreements as soon as the contracts are released in the fall. In the 2019 contract, employees receive a ratification bonus of $11,000. Temporary public servants receive a ratification bonus of $4,500. Around work day, UAW International President Gary Jones will announce a leading company. Negotiations between the leading company and the UAW will intensify, while the other two companies will necessarily wait for the leading company`s bargain hunters to reach an interim agreement.

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