Are Memorandum Of Agreement Legally Binding

Although it is not legally binding, it is a serious statement that a treaty is imminent. Under U.S. This usually allows the parties to circumvent the agreement without legal consequences. In international relations, MoUs fall into the broad category of treaties and should be registered in the United Nations Treaty Collection. [6] In practice and despite the insistence of the United Nations Office of Legal Affairs to proceed with registration in order to avoid “secret diplomacy”, MoUs are sometimes treated confidentially. Legally, the title of the MoU does not necessarily mean that the document is binding or non-binding under international law. In order to determine whether a given moU should be a legally binding document (i.e. a treaty), it is necessary to examine the intention of the parties as well as the position of the signatories (e.g. B Minister of Foreign Affairs vs. Minister for the Environment).


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