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Love in the Vineyards

Love the snow

My journey resumes in the Napa Valley, more specifically at the top of Spring Mountain above St. Helena.  Yes, that is snow along with some “lovely” graffiti.  Love and romance go perfectly in the Napa Valley.  In this case, the love is being spread throughout the vineyards.  This actually makes sense to me because the real love for wine begins in the vineyards.  So let’s explore further this love affair beneath the vines.

Not often thought of as romantic –  it’s the dirt that makes the difference.  We don’t  …

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Are you swimming with sharks?

I learned the importance of strong controls the hard way. This summer, I left for a short vacation. I have a 100 gallon salt water coral fish tank and I thought I had prepared for every possible aquarium contingency before I left.

I had carefully lined up a part-time resource to cover me. I had applied all of the right technology. I had a monitoring system in place. The corals were starting to grow, algae was under control, and everything looked happy.

But, when I returned from my brief trip, my tank was destroyed, with 90% of my corals  either …

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One quilter’s thoughts about taxes

While driving down the valley, I was struck by the variety of shapes, colors, and textures in the surrounding landscape and unbidden, my long-term interest in quilt making sprang to mind.

quilt image sm3

The making of quilts began as a “thrift” craft hundreds of years ago.  Odd scraps of fabric left over from making clothing, empty sacks from flour and feed,  and salvageable parts of worn out household items were sewn together to form warm bedding.  In addition to being functional, many of these quilts were …

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Dave’s mad as heck about the lack of Clear Vision

Well, we heard Tuesday night that we will be sending more troops to Afghanistan.  We also heard that they may start coming home in 2011.  Good luck with that!  This rant is not about whether or not we should send more troops.  I’ll leave that question to our readers. 

The thing we need most from our leaders, whether in business or politics is Clear Vision.  What we often get instead is a muddled lack of clarity and indecision.  That’s what bothered me about Tuesday’s speech.  I heard no real vision or plan, maybe you did, but I did not.  What this …

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