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Spring fling

Last weekend I celebrated one of my favorite rites of spring – the end of “tax season”.   Instead of staying home and beginning to dig out from under my personal (and embarrassingly large) backlog ,  I dropped Blue the Schnauzer off with friends, left food for the cats, loaded Ace the Scottie into the car, and took off for Mendocino. 

The weather gods were smiling and there was not cloud in the sky as we cruised through Anderson Valley on our way north.  Apple orchards were in bloom, vineyards were coming to life, and wildflowers dotted the landscape.

Ace and I spent two …

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Unhappy report

Most of our blogs are pretty upbeat and a few may even be interesting.  This one is sad.

 I learned last night that Warren Warner Jr’s son, Warren Warner III passed away after a very tough battle with bacterial meningitis.   Warren Warner is a partner at another local CPA firm, Brown, Holder and Alfaro.  Our hearts go out to Warren, his family, and the whole team at his CPA firm.  Warren Warner III graduated from Justin- Siena with my daughter Kristen in 2008.  He was just 19 years old.  My daughter knew him well and when I heard the news I …

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What “stripe” of cat are you?

In addition to my two dog boys, Ace and Blue, I also have two cats.  I know what you are thinking “destined to become an old woman with lots of pets”.  Yes, that will probably be me. 

Anyway, my two cats were both adopted from local shelters and have had dog siblings all of their lives. 

Cara, the elder of the two cats, is an extrovert.  She is the first one to greet me (on the front porch of my house) when I arrive home from wherever I have been.  When I have company, she hops into their laps to be petted …

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