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When it comes to software, design matters.

Automated business solutions are readily available for the wine industry.  They range from Accounting software to CRM, Point of Sale, Wine Club, Production, Harvest Management, and eCommerce solutions. Some are focused on ease of use while others are focused on depth of features and customization capabilities.  Depending on the business problem you are out to solve, you might be swayed by one aspect of the software more than others. For example, no matter how well designed,  a difficult to use Point of Sale solution would not be a wise choice for a winery tasting room. The choices get more complicated …

Top 8 reasons for not filing your individual income tax return on time

In the United States, April 15th is the day procrastinators everywhere dread. It’s the day their individual tax returns are due to be filed. Thankfully, the IRS and most states offer an automatic six month extension of the filing deadline, so they can put off gathering those records for another 6 months.

According to IRS data from 2008, of the 154 million returns that were filed for that year, 10 million of them were filed on extension. 

Here are some of our favorite reasons those 10 million have been unable to file their tax returns on time:

1. My bottle of Tequila fell over and …

A pattern for quilting and taxes

bdco patterns and taxes smaller

This is the time of year when most of us are beginning to think about (or are dreading) the process of dealing with our personal income taxes.  In spite of the urge to get it over with as quickly as possible, just as with making a quilt, it is important that you start with a plan and all of the right “materials”.

If you have your return prepared by a tax professional, you may already have a plan available to you.  …