A week has quickly passed since I stood on a beach in Puerto Vallarta with 20 vacationers who got to help baby sea turtles begin their life journey. As we watched the little guys and gals make their way down the beach to the water I could only imagine the adventure that awaited them. If nature has its way only 1 of every 1,000 will survive to adulthood. Thanks to local hotel workers turtle eggs are gathered each season and kept in a controlled environment until they hatch. Once the young tortuga’s are strong enough they are brought to the beach and set free to the ocean. This intervention substantially increases their survival rate.

It was exciting to watch the energy and determination of the tortuga’s who moved towards the surf. Some acted quickly and moved on a straight path to the water. Others seemed a little confused and didn’t take a direct route but eventually made it to the warm Pacific.

Funny how business owners are similar to the baby tortugas. Some have instinct and reach their goals through continued focus and energy. While others struggle to find their path. The latter group continues to get distracted and their vision is often blurred by the day to day struggle to survive. So what to do?

Stop, and step away from your business even if it is just for 1/2 day. You need to remove yourself from the day to day activities and give yourself a chance to reflect on what you want from your company. Your business is a tool that is used to build your future. So what is it that you want in the future? Once you renew your vision write it down. Next you need to examine what will be needed to get you there. Strategies that get you driving down the path towards your vision will be essential to your success. You then will need to set up key performance indicators that will tell you how you’re progressing.

It’s time for you to take control of your future. We are in unprecedent economic times and only those with a clear vision and strategy will survive. Just like the tortugas that have had their survival rate increased thanks to some local citizens taking action, your survival may take some outside intervention.

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