Sun Set’s on 2008


Wow, what a year! Even the best crystal balls didn’t see the brakes being put on the economy so quickly. That said, it is time to move forward and make sure you have your plans in place for 2009. This is no time to stick your head in the sand and hope it will pass without affecting your business. Everyone is going to be effected by this recession. Only the smart, nimble and quick to change will be able to minimize the negative impact.

If you have not yet sat down with your team and worked on strategies that will focus on customer contact and service I recommend you make it a priority. Taking care of your existing loyal customers will go a long way to secure future sales. In uncertain times people become selective about their purchase choices. They seek safety, which means it’s no time to introduce a new brand. They buy what they know. Consumers also want to do business with people they know. Think about it for a minute…whom do you like doing business with (a distant, cold corporation or a friend )?

It’s no secret. So what are your plans to connect with your customers? Everyone on your team needs to understand the strategies that need to be put in place immediately. This is not a typical recession so don’t take it lightly.

Here’s looking to a brighter future.

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