Importance of communication

The leading cause of depression is a feeling that you have no control over your situation.  That’s how employees feel when they are kept in the dark about business results, when their performance has no direct correlation to outcomes, or when they have no clear guidance about where the company is headed.

The antidote to that feeling of helplessness is not Prozac, but information. Proper communication that involves meaningful information administered in the right dosage can do wonders for improving your team’s mental health.  The more you can make everyone involved in addressing any business issues that might arise, the happier and more productive your team will be.

If tasting room revenues are your focus, have everyone in the winery offer suggestions for new ways to get more people into your winery.  Have them come up with ideas for generating more sales for each visitor.  Have them brainstorm ideas for wine club memberships and then share the progress with everyone.  Let everyone participate in each success – no matter how small.  Giving your team a chance to contribute is the best tonic you can offer them.

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EXCITING NEWS!  BDCo has moved to NAPA. 

After spending more than 30 great years as a resident of St. Helena, BDCo began a search in 2019 for a new office location in Napa that would better suit its needs. The goal was to improve the life/work balance for members of the team without inconveniencing our customers. Our newly completed Napa home meets our requirements perfectly and we can't wait to welcome you for a visit once we are all able to move about freely. 

For now, our office remains closed to visitors and much of our staff will continue to work remotely at their discretion and in accordance with current safety regulations. 

Our new address is :

Brotemarkle, Davis & Co. LLP
1000 Main Street, Suite 250
Napa, CA 94559 

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