Mustard Anyone?


So here I am standing in a vineyard soaking up the sunshine and the brilliant field of yellow before me.  Mustard, the condiment that finds its way into many a dish and on bun alike paints another postcard for us in the Napa Valley.  The wild mustard is in full bloom throughout the vineyards.  This time of the year the vines themselves are catching a long winter nap but the mustard and other cover crops are growing quickly.  I marvel at the changes to the landscape that seem to take place almost daily here.

Observation, it is what I do.  Whether its a gift or a curse I sometimes wonder because I often find myself preoccupied watching, listening and trying to understand what is happening around me.   My observations often lead to questions of why someone is “doing it that way”.   This type of questioning is important for improvement to take place.  I find too often that the habits we have formed over time are not always the best.

I challenge you to deliberately observe one of your daily routines.  Step back for a moment and ask yourself  “why do I do it this way?”  Even better, why do I do it at all?  In a world were we seem to be short on time, why not look at how you spend your time.  You might be surprised that you have a solution waiting to be discovered.

Until next time…stop and observe.

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