It’s a Jungle Out There

Photo by John Gretz

Photo by John Gretz

From what I hear you may be feeling a bit like the Goldens in the photo.  You’re panting from trying to keep up with all that is happening around you.  One distributor down and its onto the next.  You’re not alone as everyone is making their pitch to sell that next case of wine.

If you’re a dog lover like myself you understand the “look” that this fellow companion provides when they’re in need.  As I look at the photo I see these guy’s saying “hey this was fun for the first 50 yards but if one more weed pokes me in the eye…”.  So here you are out in the middle of this economic mess trying your best to get your wine moving out the back door.  Sometimes you must feel like the dogs just looking for a way out. 

Creativity is needed now more than ever.  Your reps are looking for all the help they can get.  What can you do to bring attention to your wine?  During a recession people reduce their risk taking.  This is why that cute label with an unproven wine in the bottle is going to have a hard time selling.  It’s time to reach out to your loyal customers and reward them.  Take a cue from the Obama town halls, and bring your winery to their home town.   Have them invite their friends and business associates for a private tasting.  Be sure to communicate with all of your contacts before and after your road tours.  Create the buz about your winery.  Share what is new and your plans for 2009 and beyond.

People are craving positive stories.  Share yours now.  Sure, it’s a jungle out there but every jungle needs a King so keep sharing your message and keep polishing your crown.

Until next time…the weeds may be growing  but it’s the  flowers that we’ll remember.

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