Oh to be small


I recently had the opportunity to watch many newborns like this gal, follow their mom’s throughout the pasture.  How quickly they learn that mom provides food and safety.

Looking around the wine industry it might be a good time to be small.  Like the lamb, the smaller winery is nimble and can change course quickly.  This is no time to be stuck in your ways.  Creative thinking and execution are essential in this very challenging marketplace.

You may be feeling the pressure to lower prices but I caution you on rushing into this decision.  Take a look in your cellar and pencil out how much wine you have in your ’06, ’07 and ’08 vintages.  Each of these vintages were below average and unless you purchased more grapes or bulk wine you run the risk of  losing future placements.  I say this because if you lower prices today, yes you will see your wine start to deplete faster.  However, will you have enough wine in the upcoming releases or will you run out too soon?  I know it sounds odd to worry about a shortage but it could happen and the recovery from this could take years. 

Until next time….take advantage of being small and keep in touch with your customers both near and far.

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