Headed in the Right Direction?

Secluded bay
Where do I start? Our family vacation took us to Kauai and it was the perfect place to recharge.  As I thumb through the hundreds of pictures I am quickly taken back to another world.  I think of the many places we discovered and the endless beauty that was awaiting us around the next bend. 

In a way, I was not much different than the many tourists that come to our backyard, Napa Valley. There we were, driving up the road with anticipation of what we would see next and probably driving a bit to0 slow for the locals.  Hmmm, that sounds familiar. 

With my office in St. Helena I often hear the “air raid” siren sound as it alerts our local volunteer fire department to respond to an emergency nearby.  Well, on the first day of each month in Kauai they sound a similar siren to test their tsunami early warning system.   Even though I was there for the “test” I still paused when it sounded and was glad that I was on high ground.  It made me think about the tourists in St. Helena.  I wonder what goes through their minds when they hear the siren sound. 

So the question I pose to you is this…what do you use as an early warning system?   (to detect when your business is headed down the wrong path)  It seems we spend so much time worrying about the day to day operations that we often lose sight of where we are trying to go.  In a way it’s like being a tourist.  You venture off to a new place with anticipation of experiencing unforgetable sights and sounds without really knowing the landscape.  But that is why you have a map (or GPS)  in hand — so you don’t get lost.  Well maybe not lost (I would never admit it…a guy thing) but  just exploring your surroundings.  But wait a minute, doesn’t a GPS give you an advantage over just a map?  It definitely serves as a warning system.   I like to keep the volume low, though so others in my car won’t hear that lady announce  that I just missed an exit.  It does the job of  letting me know when I am headed in the wrong direction and even better, helps me get back on course quickly.

Wow, where is the GPS in your business?  It exists. It’s called a dashboard.  Yes, your business needs a digital dashboard loaded with key performance indicators to let you know when your business is headed down the wrong path.  The best part is that with this type of early warning system you can quickly adjust course and get your business back on track.

With the economy in turmoil there is no better time to get your dashboard in place than right now.  To learn more about dashboards go to our resources page on our website and download our white paper.

Until next time…being reminded when it’s time to change course can be a healthy step in the right direction.

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