History Provides Vision

During a recent business trip to the East Coast I had  a chance to explore part of Virgina.  The photo above was taken from the balcony of President James Madison’s home.  I must admit, growing up history classes bored me to tears so the thought of another history lesson wasn’t at the top of my list. 

Boy was I surprised!  The inspiration I received while on the tour of the Madison’s estate was unbelievable.  I guess this is why I always liked field trips more than the classroom.  Then again, who wouldn’t.  As our docent described Madison’s passion for reading and his need to understand how different forms of  government worked I could only think what would be my contribution in this life.  Now I am not going to get into a philosophical discussion here but I ponder what it must have been like to have a vision for a country.  Madison was considered the father of the constitution. He helped create a framework that people could live by for over two centuries with very little changes needed along the journey.  Now there is a clear vision!

Looking at your business, does it have a framework in place that provides a clear vision for its longevity?  Now it may not need to survive for centuries but can your team today and your future cast members be able to follow what you have handed down?

The year-end is fast approaching.  Now is the time to get your planning underway for 2010 and beyond.  I suggest you revisit your vision to make sure it is clear and flexible for the road ahead.

Until next time…history lessons are all around us so take some time for your own field trip.

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