Lessons from the guy in the red suit

Team Reindeer

We’ve all heard the stories about how St. Nick is able to make all of those Christmas Eve deliveries. What would happen if Santa’s team acted like some employees?

Dasher : “I don’t understand why Rudolf always gets to take the lead. I think I have better ideas about how to make these deliveries on time.”

Dancer: “ Let’s start in Norway then work our way back to North America. I would really like to stop by my favorite smoked salmon store to pick up a few things.”

Prancer: “ I need a raise. The work gets harder every year and we just keep adding more and more deliveries to our route. I’ve heard the Easter Bunny is offering a 401(k) plan to his employees.”

Vixen: “I wonder if I can take Christmas Eve off this year. I need to spend more time with my family – I have more to do than work all of the time.”

Comet: “I think we should start with South America and work our way around the world in a clockwise fashion. I don’t know who comes up with these schedules. And why has Santa been giving the elves so much credit lately. Anyone could do what they do. But without us, Christmas is just a bunch of lights and a million unhappy children.”

Cupid: “I need to have a better spot. I can’t see a thing back here. Rudolf gets to see all of the good sights. I have the most experience -why can’t I get a better position?”

Donner:”I think Dancer and I could do this whole delivery by ourselves. I don’t know why we have to put up with all of these other whiners.”

Blitzen: “Who does this Santa guy think he is? He could sure use a new fitness instructor. Mine says I need to cut back on my workload so I can spend more time at the gym. Maybe I can work part time.”

Rudolf: “I am so tired of dragging this entire team everywhere I go. I wish someone else would step up and offer to do this job. There is so much pressure. I’m just not getting paid enough for this. I can’t wait until my next vacation.”

Santa’s ability to make those on-time deliveries depends on his team. It requires strong leadership and clear communication.  When successful, they work together as a unit, they know where they are headed, and they listen to instructions.   

Who’s leading your team?

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