Silos…a good thing?

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Let me take you to Lancaster County PA home of the Amish and Mennonites. Here the longing for a simpler way of life although far from easier is practiced. During my exploration of the countryside I watched how a family would harvest their crops without the use of machinery. Across the road another family had large silos to store their corn. It is my understanding that the Amish do not believe in the use of machinery unlike the Mennonites. Both still work very hard to maintain their self sustaining lifestyles.

In my photo above I was fascinated with the silos. Unlike many that were made from wood these big boys were steel giants. In the late afternoon the metal glistened in the sunlight. As I look closer I wonder if these large storage containers reflect not only the sunlight but a majority of our businesses today.

Are we hiding in our silo protecting our turf / department from cost cutting and downsizing? Are we thinking that somebody else should be making the sacrifice? If you’re working in a company that operates with a silo mentality be careful. To remain competitive you need to step out of the silo and work across departments. Sharing ideas and information are critical to the survival of the company.

As we come out of this deep recession there are going to be many lean companies. However, their success is going to be dependent upon their ability to stay lean while trying to meet customer expectations of better service and value. To do this teams are going to have to come together to improve the customer’s experience while becoming efficient with less resources. This will not be easy but can be done with the right attitude of your employees. It’s time to get out of your silo and begin working together. Your survival is at stake!

Until next time…let your silo store the past while you look to the future by helping those around you.

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