Time to Change

Welcome back to my journey into Virgina. I last blogged about my visit to President Madison’s estate.  Just down the road is Monticello, home of President Jefferson.  This visit was more like Disneyland for history buffs and those  who are curious about Jefferson.  Once again I was thrown back in time and asked to imagine what it was like to live on this massive mountain-top estate.  No matter what your political slant this self-taught man was a genius. 

For instance, he designed the home and water collection system based upon his self study of architecture and engineering.  Every last detail had been accounted for and he didn’t waste any space in the home.  At one point along the tour I was standing in the guest bedroom where his good friend President Madison would stay for up to a month at a time. 

Like Madison, Jefferson loved to read and used his massive library collection to help mold his thoughts and plans for his family and our country.  It is amazing how both of these men were so focused on something much bigger than themselves. 

Today I look at our politicians and it seems like they are more concerned about creating legislation that will help them get reelected rather than what would be best for the country as a whole.  I think our state and federal elected officials need to take a field trip to the nearest library and start reading like our founding fathers did.  Maybe that would stretch their minds to see something much larger then themselves, and I don’t mean more spending.  If I hear one more politician tell me they have the answers by creating another bureaucratic-run government program I am going to scream.

Enough government…they all need to take a few years off, at least then they couldn’t add more layers that we are going to have pay for through higher taxes.

It is time to change, not only expectations for our government but for ourselves.  Let’s end the pity parties and start by individually making a difference in our own communities.  Turn off the TV, give up a few sports shows, get out of your house, and go help someone.  Our local nonprofit organizations are always looking for volunteers.  There is no excuse for you not to get out there and demonstrate how we can work together for a cause that is bigger than ourselves.

Until next time…may you see the world around you as an opportunity to serve rather then a place where you can be served.

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