What “stripe” of cat are you?

In addition to my two dog boys, Ace and Blue, I also have two cats.  I know what you are thinking “destined to become an old woman with lots of pets”.  Yes, that will probably be me. 

Anyway, my two cats were both adopted from local shelters and have had dog siblings all of their lives. 

Cara, the elder of the two cats, is an extrovert.  She is the first one to greet me (on the front porch of my house) when I arrive home from wherever I have been.  When I have company, she hops into their laps to be petted and charms even the most resistant (my Dad, for one) souls.  If I cross the street to chat with a neighbor, she follows me, meowing all the while.  As a result, she has been nicknamed “Mom” by one of my neighbors. 


I do not believe that Cara has ever met anyone human, feline, or canine that she could not get along with.  This even includes Blue, the Standard Schnauzer puppy, who weights four times what Cara does.  If she looks him dead in the eye and calmly cocks her paw, he knows that he better behave and, yet, Blue simply adores Cara. 

Some people have the same knack for relationships, effortlessly getting along with everybody but also able to set and enforce their boundaries in a low-key way.  They have an almost Zen-like calm, yet still manage to “run the parade”. 

My younger cat, Chico, although a big boy (for a cat) is a bit of a sissy.  Think ofthe Cowardly Lion in “The Wizard of Oz” and you’ve got Chico in a nutshell.  If the doorbell rings, he “hides” by burrowing under the covers on my bed (he somehow believes that the resulting large cat-shaped lump in the bedding is magically invisible).  


In spite of his extreme timidity, Chico has a warm and loving heart.  He will let me hold him and cuddle for hours. He sleeps on the pillow next to my head at night and personally watches over me as I sleep. 

Some people, like Chico, are “afraid of their own shadow”. It does not mean that they are not worth getting to know and care about.  It just takes extra time, effort, and care for them to trust.  When they do, they may well bloom like a flower. 

So, what kind of “cat” are you? And what about your employees and customers? Once we take the time to understand people’s unique personalities, we are in a better position to be of service – either by helping them find the right role or guiding them to the  right product or solution.

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