Breaking Away

This little fawn sure looks attached to her Mom.  As she grows, the fawn will watch and  learn and pick up all  of the pointers she needs to survive.  Eventually it will be time for her to break away and venture out on her own. 

In the current economy,  the day to day challenges of doing business have caused many owners to rely on instinct.  They resort to practices that have worked in the past. For some, past approaches will prove to be useful.  For others, these approaches could prove to be their downfall.  For example, if you were lucky enough to ride the wave of an unprecedented boom time, with loose operational controls, no clear vision, and limited team communication, you may not have the tools you need to address the challenges of  today’s marketplace.

NOW is the time to fill your toolbox with the tools you need to move your business in the right direction. Constant education and learning  is vital to finding new ideas for problem-solving  and to build on your past successes.

This fawn is learning each day from her mother. When she breaks away, she will surely encounter new obstacles that will require adjustments and creative solutions.  Each new experience will provide an opportunity for this maturing deer to learn and grow.

As you continue along your path, I encourage you to look for educational opportunities for you and your team.  Any investment you make today will go a long way in strengthening the foundation of your business.  Your job is to recognize opportunities that come before you and then seize the moment so that you can move your business forward.

Until next time…are you ready to break away?

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