Changes in Lattitude, Changes in Attitude

Maybe Jimmy Buffet had the right idea.

My first trip to Cancun was thirteen years ago during “spring break”.  Neither the accommodations nor the service at the resort at which I stayed made a good impression on me.  I left with no desire to see Cancun or that particular resort ever again. 

Fate, however, had other plans and I recently found myself returning to the same resort in Cancun in the “off season”.  In the interim, the resort had undergone a cosmetic “face lift”.

In spite of my initial  lack of enthusiasm about revisiting the resort in question, I found myself quite favorably impressed by the “can-do” attitude and courtesy of the current staff. The accommodations were immaculate, contemporary, and well maintained.

Cancun attitude in water_1.jpg

I learned many things during my return visit to Cancun. The most relevant to my own work situation is that attitude and effort can make a huge difference in a customer’s experience even at a moderately priced resort.  I guess the old saying that “attitude is everything” still applies.

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