Positive or Negative

Growing up as a kid my family referred to me as “Mr. Neg”.  I didn’t see the glass as half-full but really questioned whether the glass would be there for future use.  Boy, what a joy it was to hang out with me.  Many years have passed since then and I have gained a greater appreciation of how my perspective impacts those around me. 

Now you might be thinking, “Gee Craig, what a revelation. What took you so long?”  and I respond yep, you’re right!  Recognizing your short comings is one thing, changing is another.  So here is my point:

Each of us leaves an impression with those that we interact with.  We have a choice to create a positive or negative impact.  The ripple effect will continue throughout the day for not only you but those you communicate with. 

I now choose to have my interactions with others to be a positive experience.  I admit this can be a real challenge for Mr. Neg but I have seen the impact and know it’s worth the effort.

Until next time…what is your perspective?

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