Are You In the Hunt?

Hunting for success

Why is it that young pups believe the next big customer lies just around the corner?  What’s not to love about this optimism?  For in it exists the creative drive often needed to reach people. 

I just read a report that said social media had no impact on retail sales.  Does this mean we should all abandon SM?  Of course not.  SM is still very young and there is a lot to be learned.  I would argue that SM is a unique platform for connecting with people.  More importantly, it is a place for those who share a common interest to stay connected with you.  Strengthening your relationship with existing customers is going to be more profitable than trying to lure the next guest to your website to purchase wine. 

We have all seen the impact television can have on influencing consumers with one-way communication.  Imagine the impact your winery can have when a dialog is formed.  This is where I believe the real power of SM lies for the small business.  Learning how to keep this channel open and active with interesting conversations will be the challenge.  What do you think?

Until next time…make sure you know what you’re hunting.

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  1. Craig:
    You are right — still lots to learn about Social Media. But SM’s connection to retail sales is vastly different than its impact on professional services (like CPAs).
    SM is, as you say, about building relationships, conversations, credibility, and trust.
    My blog ( has generated new customers from around the country (and interest around the world). People I would never have met, business opportunities I would never have seen. It creates a bond with strangers that would be impossible to do in the real world.
    How refreshing to meet a prospect for the first time, sit down to coffee, and have them immediately tell you why they think you are great. “I love the blog — I’ve learned so much — Let’s talk about that piece you wrote on pricing…”
    The conversations do not all happen on-line, but they start there. And its a different world now. For me, the customers are better informed, trust me faster, and even self-qualified.

    So keep up the blog… and spread the word!
    David Worrell ( !

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