How much is that doggie…

As some of you may know from my blog earlier this year, I am currently in the process of looking for a Scottie puppy.  When I think back on how my family acquired pets in my youth (via a newspaper ad, a friend, or a local pet shop), I am both appalled at how naïve we where then about entering such a long-term relationship and mentally exhausted by the amount of effort now involved in finding a good purebred dog.


First of all, the Scottie market has been skewed by the 2010 Westminster Best-in-Show win of Sadie the Scottie.  Don’t get me wrong – I applauded as loudly as anybody when Sadie was crowned.  But, apparently, Scotties are suddenly an “in” dog.  Their stock is hot (unlike the recent misadventures of another market) and people who don’t know the breed and its quirks are suddenly rushing to buy one of those “cute” little black dogs.

My initial effort to find a reputable breeder involved going to the websites of two well known national dog organizations and requesting a breeder referral. I never received an acknowledgement or a referral from either organization.

Around the same time, I sent e-mail inquiries via a regional breed website to two Scottie breeders that I had met while attending dog shows.  Once again, there was no response. Talk about bad customer service – to be contacted by somebody with money in hand ready to buy your “product” and to give no response. Why even bother to have a website with an e-mail address available?  You might as well have a fully stocked store with beautiful window displays that is never open.

Happily, since that time I have spoken with a breeder in another state and have filled out a comprehensive application to be placed on her puppy waiting list. She has provided references from some owners of her puppies and I have interviewed these folks about their experiences with her.  I have studied her extensive and frequently updated website (her husband is a programmer).  Her attitude is that she wants to do the best thing for the puppies she personally breeds, the potential puppy owner, and for the Scottie breed in general.

This is somebody who clearly understands not only the importance of marketing, but of following through with excellent customer service.  As devotees of another Scottish export, golf, will confirm you can’t just take a swing, you need to have a solid follow through!

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