Fresh Start


Here we go again.  Another year has begun and we all are looking forward to brighter days.  So what are you doing to make today better than yesterday?  Yes, it is up to you to make change happen.  If you really think the government or anyone else for that matter is going to save the day, you need to wake up and do a reality check.  In other words, quit making excuses and start doing something to improve your situation.

I believe that as our society has grown, it has become easier to get lost in the crowd.  Many people have chosen to leave their responsibility for being a productive, caring human being to “the man”.  Unfortunately, “the man” doesn’t really care about you and your dreams and will always put its self- interest first.

So, what to do?  First, step off that wheel you’re on and take some time to reflect on what you’re trying to accomplish.  It’s okay to have dreams, but it’s even better to have a plan that you will follow to make them a reality.  All of the greatest accomplishments, whether personal or in business started with one person having an idea.  What is your idea?

Next, move your idea forward.  You do this by surrounding yourself with people who believe what you believe.  Share your ideas with them and keep moving forward.  Don’t worry, there will be plenty of unexpected forks in the road along the way.  You need to accept that your “plan” needs to be flexible so you can quickly adapt.  Holding on to your “perfect idea/plan” can cause your fast sailing boat to quickly stop as you drop the anchor.  Being able to trim your sails with the changing wind will allow you to gain momentum and keep moving toward the realization of your dream.

Until next time….may your fresh start to a new year release the independent doer within you.

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