What’s Your Forecast?

Is it sunny, slightly overcast or down right nasty in “your world”?  Well that may depend on what I am referring to.  My blog always has a business spin but this time I am asking about you.  That’s right you, the dad, mom, daughter, son, aunt, uncle, sister, brother.  I know you must at least hold one of those titles.

Personally, I have moved from slightly overcast to bright and sunny.  How about you?

That’s right, I am done with doom and gloom that has surrounded so many people for too long.  I am out to change attitudes and bring hope and dreams back to everyone I connect with.  I am so blessed with a wonderful family and friends that I can’t help but want to share what I have with others.  Sharing, now there is something you were taught in kindergarten, but as we grow older it can become harder to do.

Giving of yourself to help another.  That’s nothing new, but in our individualistic world this is often passed over because “I am just to busy”.  Having a positive impact on another doesn’t take money, but rather the time to listen and to really understand what they’re going through.  This includes the good times too!  We all are running in so many different directions that we often don’t even stop to acknowledge the success of another.  Be it a family member, neighbor, or a co-worker, each one deserves to be recognized and celebrated.

So here is my challenge to you:  Start each day by reflecting on how you can serve someone before yourself.  I have a feeling your forecast will quickly move from stormy to warm and sunny.

Until next time…I am forecasting many sunny lives in the days ahead.

P.S. Photography credit goes to my niece Monica 🙂



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  1. That’s a good reflection and all the better if one takes action. Good karma’s gonna come your way if you do 🙂

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