The role of government

Well..the supreme court decision to uphold the health care act has been decided and many of our peers have been commenting on the tax issues. I, personally, thought the decision would go the other way.  It’s one thing to require taxpayers to buy something from the government, like Medicare, but quite another to require citizens to buy something from private, for profit, companies. As usual some of my peers are missing the big picture by commenting on all the tax issues. In my humble opinion, we have been witnessing a continual expansion of government power into personal lives. 

Now don’t get me wrong, I actually think Obama care actually did not go far enough.  If you’re going to reform a terribly expensive health care system then take a look at what most other civilized countries do and just provide health care to everyone. But to require citizens to provide income to insurance companies is just plain wrong. I have had to battle insurance companies to pay the benefits I have already paid for for years. Haven’t you?  They are terrible about paying claims. 

Back to my main point. The amount of government interference in our lives has never been higher and I for one don’t like it one bit. Whether its in the name of security from terrorists or in the name of health care, the actual results are the same — more poorly run government interference.  This is not just one party’s effort either. If you think it’s just a democratic plan to expand government power, you weren’t paying attention when the republicans were in the White House! my humble opinion, the supreme court has sided, once  again, with the government expansion of powers. When I took civics way back in high school I thought it was the supreme court’s duty to protect us from that, didn’t you?

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