Changing the View

It is amazing how much you can take for granted. Over time, as you go about your daily chores, driving hither and yon, rushing to work and back again, you stop noticing.

The first time I drove up highway 29, my heart skipped a beat. I was bursting with joy. I could barely believe my good fortune at having a chance to work in a magical place like this. But that was 8 years ago. I have traveled thousands of miles since then, met hundreds of people, consumed loads of grits, tasted some incredible wine, and learned to pronounce Gewurztraminer (sort of).  A lot has changed.

But somewhere along the line, I stopped noticing the beauty that is all around me. I haven’t been paying attention. Yesterday I got a chance to change my perspective.

I had the pleasure of arranging a lunch meeting on the Napa Wine Train. We met in the lobby before heading to the Vista Dome.


It was a rare chance to enjoy a leisurely lunch while observing the scenery and learning more about my guests. Since I was merely a rider (not a driver) I was free to look around, to notice the view, and to appreciate the fields of bright yellow mustard that were all around me. From my elevated vantage point, I had a great view of both the Vaca and Macaymas Mountains and at various points on the journey had Stag’s Leap on one side and then later the Inglenook house on the other.  We made a trip to the train’s observation deck for an even better vantage point and a breath of the wonderful fresh air.


The day’s excellent adventure reminded me once again how fortunate I am to be living and working in this amazing Napa Valley.  I will try to pay more attention on my drive to and fro. (And I will take the time to wave at the tourists who are appreciating their view of the Napa Valley from the Wine Train.)

What would it take for you to shift your perspective?

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