Covid Insights

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One of the gifts of this whole Covid-SIP (Sheltering In Place) experience has been clarity of insights. I think the concentration of our lives as we work and live in confined spaces (some more confined than others) has helped us sharpen our vision. It has helped us really appreciate some of the little things, like the electric teapot that keeps on giving, the scent of candles, a comfortable chair, our electronic devices (and chargers when we can remember where we left them), soft blankets, our special pets…

But it has also helped us see the limitations inherent in the way we used to do things. We can really see the holes in our systems, our technology, our ways of communicating with each other, our processes, and our ways of measuring performance. We can see with real clarity if our mission and vision or our “Why” statements are truly what we believe or if they are just nice words that we hang on a wall somewhere.

As leaders, we have had a real opportunity to learn more about our people. I think this time has helped the stars really rise to the top while the laggards have fallen to the bottom. We can see who has spirit and will do whatever is needed when times get tough, and who will take advantage of whatever crisis of the day (and there have been many for us all) might arise.

What will you do differently as a result of your Covid Insights?

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